Bespoke Walls Installation & Shelving: The Do’s and Don’ts  

Bespoke Walls Installation

Bespoke walls and shelving are excellent ways to add character and functionality to any living space. They can provide both innovative storage solutions and create an eye-catching focal point for your living room. While DIY installation is an option, hiring a professional installer can ensure the installation is done correctly, beautifully and ultimately more cost-effectively in the long run.

Installing feature walls requires careful planning, attention to detail, and professional expertise to ensure a stunningly beautiful and functional outcome. In this post, we will explore the do’s and don’ts of bespoke walls and shelving installation, including key considerations to avoid costly mistakes and maximise the value of your investment. 

Proper Planning and Measuring

Before beginning the installation process, it is crucial to properly plan and measure the space where the bespoke walls and shelving will be installed. Take accurate height, depth and width measurements of the space where the units will be placed, as walls are often not straight, meaning sizes can differ considerably. Consider the room layout, and make sure the feature walls and alcove shelving will fit seamlessly with the rest of the room, not intruding into walk areas or past window reveals etc. 

Consider power supplies, socket locations and access, along with aerial and t.v connections, control boxes and lighting requirements. The initial measuring process is tied closely with the overall design, informing what ultimately can and cannot be done within the limitations of space available. From this functional base, we can then move into deciding on the style and design of your custom-made walls and shelving.

Design, Process and Materials 

If you’re looking to create a unique design that goes beyond stock options, the internet is an invaluable resource for design inspiration. While it’s unlikely you’ll find a single image that perfectly matches your space, you can draw upon a multitude of design elements to create something truly special. At this stage, it’s important to consider the overall feel you want to achieve with your feature wall. 

As experienced joiners, we have developed a deep understanding of design and proportion over many years, which allows us to seamlessly integrate your functional needs with your design ideas. We take into account factors such as structural spans, curvature, moulding detail, simplicity, space, proportion, material types, and textures to create a cohesive and visually stunning final bespoke design.

Attention to Detail

Careful attention to detail is essential in creating beautiful, functional, and long-lasting bespoke walls and shelving units. From the initial design phase to the final installation, every detail matters to ensure everything fits, functions and looks precisely as planned. A meticulously designed and constructed bespoke wall or shelving unit can bring joy for generations and serve as a valuable addition to any home.

At Feature Wall Furniture in Ireland, We Specialise in Bespoke Wall Installation & Offer a Range Of Shelving Designs And Styles To Fit Your Unique Needs

Looking to transform your space with custom-designed and expertly crafted feature wall furniture in Ireland? Look no further. We make all our own units and doors in our workshop, allowing us to create bespoke sizes and designs while also minimising onsite fitting time. With a typical wall totally finished in just one day, our range of alcove shelving designs, from traditional to modern or minimal, are sure to make a statement in any room. 

We even go the extra mile to liaise with electricians to ensure sockets, lights and switches are situated correctly and can reconfigure internal walls if necessary for design purposes ahead of installation. Count on us to support you through the design stages, sharing ideas and images and comparing materials and costs until a final concept has been selected. Contact us today to turn your feature wall dreams into reality.

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